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Historic Environment

The Historic Environment connects people with the buildings, monuments and land around them. It is the bridge between the past and the present, helping us to understand the historic use of the area and to build a future that respects our heritage in all its diversity. 

Telford and Wrekin is rich and diverse in history, from the famous Ironbridge Gorge World Heritage Site with Outstanding Universal Value, to local listed buildings and natural landscapes that tell their own stories. All of this is important to our sense of identity and community.  

These buildings, monuments and landscapes help to make our area unique and give it a sense of character. This is important for our general quality of life and acts as a focus for inward investment and regeneration to help to improve our town. 

It is important to remember that these are also active communities and the residents and businesses that make up these areas play an important role in their continued conservation.  

The borough has hundreds of listed buildings (Grade I, II* and II) with 375 located in Ironbridge alone. There are 8 conservation areas, 27 scheduled monuments, 3 registered historic parks and gardens as well as countless other important locally listed buildings that lie within the borough, all of which require continued protection.  

National policies establish a clear framework to protect the significance of heritage assets both designated and non-designated, and the Local Plan reflects those requirements while also providing a positive approach to the sensitive retrofitting of heritage assets to improve energy efficiency, in line with Historic England’s guidance.  

Image of a row of houses.
Image of a Church.

What is the role of the Local Plan?

The Local Plan sets out a number of policies that help to protect, conserve and manage the impact of development on the following assets for future generations:

  • Ironbridge Gorge World Heritage Site;
  • Listed buildings;
  • Conservation areas;
  • Buildings of local interest;
  • Historic parks and gardens; and
  • Scheduled ancient monuments and archaeology.
Stirchley chimney

Please note: The consultation on the draft Local Plan has now closed. Any comments made past 5pm, 31 January 2024 will not be considered.