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The draft Local Plan consultation is now closed.

Sustainable Travel and Transport Networks

The way we get around is changing, and the Local Plan needs to keep up with, encourage, and support these changes.

Telford & Wrekin Council wants more people to use healthy ways of getting around the borough like walking and cycling, and wants to make it easier for residents to use buses and trains. This not only benefits our health but also helps tackle climate change.

The borough strongly supports the transition to the use of electric vehicles and is leading the way in securing funding to provide electric vehicle charge points across the borough. The Local Plan requires new development to provide charge points or the infrastructure required to install them at home, in the community and at work.

Investment into sustainable transport networks including walking, cycling and public transport will help reduce the impact of development on the highway network. New development will also provide opportunities to invest in improved highway infrastructure.

Image of two people riding a bike.
Image of busy road.

What is the role of the Local Plan?

The Local Plan policies that:

  • Will help increase levels of active travel and physical activity through investment into walking, cycling and public transport networks that will help connect new developments into the local area and meet a range of needs through step free access for those less able bodied;
  • Protect existing and former rail and transport networks across the borough to ensure their long term use for transportation purposes;
  • Provide guidance to ensure that development is designed to reduce and where necessary mitigate (through new investment) impacts on the highway network. To ensure that roads and streets to be well-designed to enable people and public transport to easily be able to move around the borough, protect highway safety and reduce traffic; and 
  • Support the introduction of electric vehicle charging points in new developments and well-designed parking for residential, commercial and industrial developments.
Sustainable travel diagram

Please note: The consultation on the draft Local Plan has now closed. Any comments made past 5pm, 31 January 2024 will not be considered.