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The draft Local Plan consultation is now closed.

Green and Natural Environment

Our borough is blessed with a diverse and thriving green and natural environment which is made up of green spaces and open areas, both in our urban town centres and surrounding urban areas. Telford was designed from the outset with its green and natural environment at its heart, this includes:  

  • The Telford and Wrekin Green Network extends to over 2,500ha. 
  • Around 90% of the urban area is composed of green space. 
  • 89% of households are within 300m of accessible natural greenspace. 
  • We have retained and protected over 1,200ha of locally important green spaces. 
  • We continue to designate green spaces for their protection with over 140ha declared as Local Nature Reserve in 2023 
  • We have protected over 300 green guarantee sites. 

Publicly accessible green places are for everyone to enjoy, play sports, and provide safe homes for wildlife and by protecting our natural environment we can also help support climate change action. The Council continues to champion the natural environment and access to green space.  

Image of a green space.
Image of the Wrekin.

What is the role of the Local Plan?  

The Local Plan policies play a key role in the protection, maintenance and enhancement of biodiversity, geodiversity and green infrastructure of the borough. This includes: 

  • Protecting designated sites that have ecological, biodiversity and geological value, this includes local wildlife sites, local nature reserves and sites that are nationally and internationally recognised for their value;  
  • Protecting our existing trees, hedgerows and woodlands and where new development occurs planting new trees and putting in place long term management arrangements for woodland where appropriate; 
  • Increasing the biodiversity of the area through a policy of ‘biodiversity net gain’ which would see developments increase the levels of biodiversity onsite or, where necessary offsite in the local area; 
  • Increasing the amount, quality and functionality of green infrastructure across the built environment through a policy of ‘greening’ development, for example, the use of green roofs and quality landscaping; 
  • Protect, maintain, enhance and, where possible, extend the boroughs Green Network;  
  • Protecting nationally and locally important landscapes including Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the Weald Moors and Wrekin Forest Strategic Landscape Areas; and  
  • The introduction of strategic green gaps protecting the landscape between the villages of Lilleshall and Wrockwardine and Telford.
Madeley pit mounds

Please note: The consultation on the draft Local Plan has now closed. Any comments made past 5pm, 31 January 2024 will not be considered.